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KIANA: Chaos

Chaos marks KIANA’s first music release of 2022, and let me tell you that it was worth the wait following on from her intimate 2021 EP if we turn to strangers. Yes, this is a song about heartbreak, but chaos is a track that distances itself from cliched stereotypes and dissects heartbreak in a tender and reflective way.

The unhurried track is written in two halves, and as soon as the track begins, you are submerged into the Toronto based artist’s hypnotic soundscape. The song’s atmosphere hums with soft electricity created by feathery vocals that lure you closer, but the closer you get, the more aware you become of the moody, warping undertones. These light and dark shades perfectly capture the limbo KIANA is caught within; the crushing feeling that comes with the end of a relationship, which exists in parallel to the joy of getting to know yourself once again after a relationship ends. KIANA’s vocals are the guiding light throughout the single; they shimmer with delicacy and remind me of the likes of Nao or Sinéad Harnett. In the song’s first half, KIANA laments, ‘I blame myself that I’m not your baby’. Here we are reminded of the emotion of frustration, guilt and misery that comes with heartbreak. KIANA shares that the inspiration for the first half’s lyricism comes from when ‘we’re so quick to blame ourselves for any pain experienced (in a relationship) because we are our biggest critics.’ KIANA, I hear you.

As the first half concludes, the track gives space for the instrumental to rise and ascend as the listener is invited to reflect on the initial guilt and sadness left behind by breakups. When the familiar beat of the 808 drum kicks in, we are signposted to the song’s second phase; this is where the single fully forms as an indulgently R&B track. KIANA accuses their lover, ‘Why did I trust you to be somebody who would love me’. The sense of blame has shifted to their lover in a clearer moment of observation of her environment. KIANA’s final lyrics are soulful and defiant ‘I’m not to blame for

the chaos we made’. These lyrics are repeated until the song’s end, a bit like how you would with an affirmation.

This is a woman who is finally recognising and being kinder to herself. She sees a truer

reflection of who she is and is ready to leave behind the guilt that sometimes clouds our perspective after a breakup. This song marks the beginning of KIANA’s rise to R&B icon status, but it also marks the beginning of her journey of loving and accepting herself. I’m eager to see what comes next!

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