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Forming a band can be tricky, there are many things you have to consider such as do I like the bandmates? how can we be defined as a band? and what are we going to call ourselves? It can take months and months until you get that defining mix and it all comes together and these guys are no exception to that. Khaki Scouts are a duo that contains a guitarist and singer (Mike) and a drummer and all-round music whizz (Jake).

Together they bring a rock sound that builds that bridge between what is Punk and what is Indie. I guess you can describe it as eccentric with a hint of the weird and wonderful but damn they write catchy songs. Mike and Jake met when they both attended The Academy of Contemporary Music and while playing in a few backing bands they decided to break away from that and do their own thing, in fact, Jake even had a makeshift recording studio set up in his garage that he built himself I mean if your mate can build a recording studio in his garage I’d ask him to join a band with me too wouldn’t you?

You would think the name Khaki Scouts comes from the Australian zoo wear but you couldn’t be more wrong, the inspiration of the name comes from the film Moonrise Kingdom this happens to be a favorite of MIke’s and he just thought the name sounded cool so it just stuck, fair enough. The inspiration for the band’s sound comes from growing up in the late 90s early 00s as Mike explains “ the likes of The Cribs, Stones Roses and as I hate to admit it Oasis”. He goes on in saying that “ we are the sort of band who are for the nerdy kids that never got involved or invited to the cool kid’s party and was always picked last in PE class” its very tongue and cheek and anyway it’s cool to be a nerd now so think they are succeeding with that whole persona.

I love what the band represents, music has become such a powerful weapon for those who find it hard to speak up and dealing with issues such as not fitting and having the confidence to talk to people and if bands like Khaki Scouts are using that as inspiration to their music may it long continue. “Do Nothing” is a great track to listen to. The song got released on the 3rd of July and is described as “FOMO dressed as Indie rock” in the words of Mike.

“Do Nothing” is a track that begins with a light guitar intro that slowly breaks into solid riffs and hard ass drums. The catchy tune and relatable lyrics is the sort of stuff that will get you singing it without realising it, Mike’s writing is infectious and that’s a good thing. The reason why I say it’s relatable is that the song is about something we all do as Mike explains “I wanted to write about the thought proses of What-If like what if I didn’t go to that party or what if I didn’t do that thing would things be different? So I guess it’s about that self-doubt” this is non too apparent in the chorus “say something do nothing” I get that, it’s important to address those issues. The song is pure procrastination also check out the video it's genius and that teddy bear is adorable.

Their first album Send Help will eventually be released but right now the boys are dropping one track at a time four are out there now and six are on there way so look out for them on the bands Spotify. I really do think this band has a bright future and is definitely going places and I for one can’t wait until their full album comes out I think it’s going to bang.

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