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John Louis

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? You check your phone and go on social media while you are curled up in your duvet like a burrito, others might do something different but that’s what I do and that’s exactly how I came across this artist.

John Louis is a musician from the midwest of America and attended The Contemporary music centre in Tennessee it was there he found his talent in songwriting. His sound is a perfect example of indie rock with honest lyrics and catchy guitar riffs that gets your toe tapping instantly it’s exactly what you need for an uplifting sunny day. His album “I’ll Be Fine” was released on the 3rd of April by Despicable Records (which also happens to based in Tennessee).

The inspiration of the album comes from recent heartache that John encountered and you can tell his unique songwriting in every track represents that. If you have ever been through a hard break up you can really relate to this album. Now please don’t think it’s an album about love songs it’s anything but that and to prove that point I’m going to single out one track that I think would be the perfect introduction to John as an artist and I’m choosing this because it’s the song I stumbled across that fateful morning on Facebook and that is titled “The South”.

This upbeat song will just put a smile on your face. To me, it’s a great concoction of lovely melodies and strong lyrics that really compliment the feel-good vibe that the song delivers believe me after 2 or 3 plays you will be humming it or singing it every day and that’s a good thing don’t worry.

So in conclusion due to the current circumstances, we are in with the sun out every day get to your garden or balcony and give this chap a listen he will make your day that much brighter and I really think this guy is going to be big in the future.

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