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Joe Wright: You & Me

Banger. I’m just listening to this tune for the first time now and it’s really impressed me. You & Me has a sound that’s somewhere between a 2000’s boy band and a 90’s rock song, a very classic sound that we all know and love. After Joe Wrights latest 2021 release ‘Her Love’ which had a more acoustic and romantic feel to it, this is a new take on his sound with a more retro rock style, incorporating some heavier riffs and an electric guitar solo you’ve got to hear.

Released just before Christmas 17th December to be exact, You & Me gives me less moody Oasis vibes if that makes sense. Joe Wright’s voice has the same kind of tone as Liam Gallagher’s, making him very distinguishable and stand out from the crowd a bit. I really like this about him, if he was looking for a main selling point I’d say his voice was where to start, a real talent. It gives his music a kind of nostalgic feel which I personally think is a very important aspect of the music we listen to. It needs to mean something to us, even if we don’t know what it exactly means to us, that nostalgic tone gives it that touch and allows the artist to instantly become more relatable and likeable.

His new tune has a lot to it, a lot of layers and flavours, I’ve already mentioned the guitars and his voice but I can’t leave out the drums. As the guitars enter a simple riff routine for each chorus the drums step up and steal the show. You’ve just got to hear it to know what I mean, they give each chorus such a hard hitting undertone, breaks the song up well and just sounds so good. I’m really impressed with Joe Wright’s new song here, it’s very playable and will definitely be added to my playlists for the new year. You can listen to You & Me below and remember to follow Music in Isolation on all social media platforms.

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