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Jenny Kern 'Run'

You may remember Jenny back when we sang her praises in January. It was here we spoke about her elegantly beautiful track ‘Coming Back For Me’ wich showcased solidarity and having that power to deal with being isolated and alone. Now following the success of ‘Coming Back For Me’ Jenny gives us the synthy track titled ‘Run’.

Released on the 5th March 2021 this deeply personal song is a pop gem, it really shows that Jenny is not afraid to share her deep inner emotion with her listeners and ‘Run really exemplify this. Jenny’s voice warms your heart, it’s natural, and slices through your ears like a hot knife through butter don't worry that’s a good thing. Teaming up with producer Andy Seltzer the track flows nicely with cool synths and melodic tones. ‘Run’ isn’t trying to demand replays yet the power of Kern’s voice and how it dwells with the music brings you back in for another listen subconsciously without realising. The base of the track comes from when Jenny was initially inspired by a broken relationship, and the struggle she had to deal with when it came to trusting. Yet as the writing process went on it emerged more towards the relationship she has with herself. In her words “It’s about the fear of being alone, trusting yourself and supporting your inner thoughts as you work through a difficult time.”

That vulnerability is in my mind what makes Jenny so special as a songwriter, it’s easy for her to be vulnerable with her emotions, she’s not afraid to hide behind them in fact the biggest challenge when it came to writing ‘Run’ was making sure that she was connecting with the feeling of those emotions. I can’t help but think of Dido when I here Jenny sing. I made the comparison when it came to ‘Coming back For Me’ it reminded me of Dido’s ‘Hurricanes’ and now with ‘Run’, I’m getting some serious ‘Sand In My Shoes’ vibes just in time for those low light summer nights. Check out 'Run' below.

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