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Jenny Kern

Am I on my own here when I say as an avid music fan I genuinely get jealous of talented musicians? I mean I am definitely a wannabe rockstar and have been from a young age. I remember playing the drums in a band and thinking I was Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters that was until playing sports took over, I could never sing or play the guitar so maybe that’s why I’m always in awe or get excited every time I see a talented singer or a solid guitar solo shredding it’s way to my heart. What I’m getting at here is that there are new musicians out there that I’m always going amazed by, and this next solo artist is no different, say hello to Toronto’s own Jenny Kern.

Now living in Brooklyn New York, Jenny genuinely can’t remember a time when she wasn’t playing some form of music, being a singer was written in the stars and since 2018 she has been writing songs and being influenced by many different artists. Her voice is so sweet and beautiful it will make forest animals follow her and clean the house like Snow White, while her songwriting is so wonderfully crafted it is like every word is chiselled in stone.

This is an artist that wants to voice the message of togetherness through her music when you listen Jenny wants people to understand that they aren't alone in what they are going through. She always strives to create a very unique space for people to reflect on and engage with her music on every level. ‘Coming Back For Me’ is her latest release in 2021 and it paints an elegant picture of solidarity. This explains how being alone is ok and how we deal with it. Especially when talking about the state of the world at the moment with a lot of people being isolated for the first time. “There is a certain tension between your inner self and the outer world, but most importantly it's about explaining how we learn to deal with our emotions, our experiences and our pain”. Strong words from Jenny there and you can tell it’s a subject that she is deeply passionate about.

‘Coming Back For Me’ has a beat that sounds like a heartbeat, and a guitar-strumming behind deep, distant keys and impactful vocals, the atmosphere that this track creates is haunting, its brood and dark like hiding in the shadows. Jenny is talented, there is no doubt about it. So go dim those lights in your bedroom, put in your earbuds in, close your eyes and find your true self in this deep passionate song. Find it by following the Spotify link below.

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