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Jamie Lawson

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

“I wasn’t expecting that '' no it’s not that one this is the other Jamie Lawson. Raised in Essex now living in South London Jamie is the lead guitarist of the band Louis and the Shakes ( who you should definitely check out as well). Recently, since the UK has been in Lockdown, Jamie has spent his time creating his own sound while in self-isolation like I’m sure many talented musicians have been even the person sitting in his bedroom in grey tracksuit bottoms has decided to play the guitar poorly may I add. Jamie doesn’t in fact he happens to play the guitar very well and has done this through sheer love for music.

Using the inspired sounds of jazz music and playing the piano from an early age Jamie has come up with two short tracks titled “Ooh Baby” and “Isolation dating” both featuring the supporting vocals of university friends Ellen Kirby and Ellie Christie respectively. Starting with Ooh Baby, it came about simply by chance with Jamie just coming up with catchy riffs one day when he was bored. In his own words, he was “Messing and jamming” and you can really sense the ongoing love affair of jazz with groovy riffs and catchy lyrics that go hand in hand with smooth vocals and the mellow voice of Jamie and Ellen that really compliment each other in a great way. It’s a great song and is definitely one for those morning coffees or late night whiskeys.

Traditionally “Isolation Dating” is a love story as Lawson explains “ It’s about the time I experienced Speed Dating” then with a few keys on a piano and woozy guitar riffs you’re taken on a journey that mixes great character work and dreamy smooth melodies. With Jamie portraying the man and Ellie the girl waiting at the table it’s smooth and collective which shows the early signs of Jamie’s songwriting. On a side note, I love the ending interlude with the girl character leaving answering machine messages. I think it's a really good touch and funny which resembles the real life awkward moment I’m sure everyone gets the night after a long night or one night stand.

Rounding up, looking at what the current climate is now Jamie has used this time to express his love for Jazz in a natural way to beat boredom while normal life is on hold. Go check him out on Spotify and AppleMusic.

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