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ISY - Gucci Baggage

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

This is one of those songs that you listen to and think, I need to keep an eye on this girl’s music. A beautiful voice resonating over the simplest guitar chords you could imagine gives ISY such a unique sound. It made me immediately go to her other releases to see what else she can do, to find that she keeps up her distinctive sound throughout all of her tunes. That’s what makes a good artist really isn’t it, having your own sound, I love to see it.

Due to the acoustic nature of the instruments in Gucci Baggage being so simple and effortless, the melody of the song comes from her voice. She is able to give the tune such identity with this in mind, using her vocal range and playful lyrics to keep you swaying from side to side throughout, such an easy listen. ISY says this new release started off as a visual piece, having an image of a girl sitting on her fire escape ‘a la breakfast at tiffany’s’ in her head while writing it which I really like. It shows a creative process and gives us a bit of a connection with her and an understanding of where the song came from. I like to imagine the very first glimpse of this idea she had and how excited about it she was when she realised its potential.

A music video has also been released alongside the song to show off this visual side to the project. The video compliments the song, matching the pace, the style and the calmness of ISY’s voice and of course has a scene of her sat on a fire escape with a

guitar. She also told us that most of the lyrics in the verses were ‘extracted from freestyles’. For me personally, this is so cool, it shows talent and integrity within her music, putting every lyric she thinks of to use. Listening to her kind of reminds me of an American Pip Millett. They both like to be adventurous with their vocal ranges and create catchy melodies. Talented girls with amazing voices. Imagine them on a song together, wow, maybe one day when the stars align. Well, if you are looking for a new chilled out but powerful voice to get through your speakers, you’ve got to check out ISY and this new tune. Can’t wait to see what else she’s got planned for us.

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