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Iris Hill

The great thing about music is that it’s enjoyed worldwide in different ways and forms. Countries like Brazil that brought us Samba and carnival, Spain with their salsa, and Korea with their K-Pop or whatever you call that yet I’m sure you wouldn’t believe something like Indie rock would come from a country like Isreal well let me introduce Israels own Iris Hil.

This feel good, slick indie band are oozing with confidence that is infectious when you hear them, their groovy style really conveys the idea of what they are about with spine tingling songwriting and cool guitar melodies, genetic hooks, and gritty sounds. The members include Nati (frontman and songwriter) Roy (guitarist) Amit (bass) and Guy (drummer) who came together by realising they are all from the same little area of Israel, and after 5 years of busking around Europe then meeting Guy in a random club as they didn’t have a drummer, he stepped up the band was formed and they never looked back since.

The band is trying to fly the flag for Israeli rock bands to break out as Nati mentions that “ mainly the rock scene is very small as most people want to play over in Tel Aviv and stay in Tel Aviv, we are trying to break that mold by touring and playing elsewhere”. Already touring The Netherlands the band is going the right way about it. Being inspired by British bands such as Oasis and Arctic Monkeys, Iris hill have always been fans of the British indie culture whether it's the tongue and cheek of Alex turner, the cool vibes of Jullian Casablancas, or the rash mouth of the Gallagher brothers it’s brought a source to an unlikely culture that is waiting for a chance to join the popular sound that sweeps the music scene here in the UK.

I feel Nati's voice, the lyrics he writes, and the music the band plays is a testament to the genre in itself. The song “Cutting Corners” is a wonderful symbolic indie rock track connecting the paths between different genres of music and influences that the band share, this track really connects with people in all walks of life, with well thought out lyrics that bring the idea of ‘have fun’. Nati goes on in saying “ it’s a song about the frustration of 3 years of getting nowhere and doing things half assed” “while getting that realisation of how hard work and dedication to the craft pays off” so basically the need to stop ‘cutting corners’ in life, a simple message with some serious guitars and an ending with a solo that will blow your socks off it’s a great introduction to the band.

The future of the band is clear, to come to the UK and play in the place that inspired them, to reach the level their idols are at, and to finally release that album. If they ever make it over here they want people to feel the same feelings the band is feeling when they are on stage playing almost like they are inviting you on the stage to rock with them. I love that feeling and I do recommend this band so go check them out on all streaming platforms and let's hope they make it to the UK soon.

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