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Introduction to Ryan Meeking

Experimental genius. I don’t think I’ve ever heard such progression throughout an EP in my entire life. Ryan Meeking’s sound completely changes throughout these six songs, in the best and most intriguing way possible. As you know, I am obsessed with the creative process behind any art, especially music, and this EP just makes me feel like I know the exact creative process taken. It takes you on a real journey from song to song, introducing snippets of new sounds and instruments that then get amplified into whole songs. It makes the EP a very easy listen, yet still keeps you on your toes a bit, and I genuinely haven’t heard anything like it. Bold, confident and soulful.

Ryan Meeking expresses his ability to mix genres in this new EP, progressing through an Indie Pop and RnB style with ‘Endless Run’ and ‘Better!’ as track one and two, into a more Electric Soul vibe with ‘Jealous’, and finally into classic Ballad feel with ‘Ordinary’ and ‘Golden Boy’ featuring as the final tracks. It’s honestly a journey, it’s sick. The use of drums interests me throughout, as they are so prominent in the opening songs yet are barely used towards the end of the EP. This, of course, ties the knot between the switch of genres we hear, but also opens the door to an opportunity to reintroduce the drums.

Ryan does exactly this and ends up coming full circle, reviving the drums to leave the final song on a tone that fits seamlessly with the first song. For me, this is the icing on the cake really, as it shows the creative integrity to treat this EP as a body of work, rather than a simple release of his new six songs. Bringing the sounds all together at the end creates a purpose to the progression we have just heard throughout and makes the whole idea very listenable. A real spark of genius that I can confidently say I’m obsessed with. I’d say my favourite from this new EP is ‘Better!’. It has a very Anderson Paak feel to it, introducing bold vocal melodies, strong electric guitars and quick, up beat drums.

Ryan’s voice is spot on in this one as well, leading each section of the song with either strong vocals or softer melodies where appropriate. I think this tune also plays a big part in that cleardistinction between each song’s style, as it oozes Pop and RnB. Definitely sets the EP off on a good note, catching the ear of the listener and showing off Ryan’s talent to the fullest. This EP is really worth a listen today, my advice is to just front to back it for the full experience, you won’t be disappointed.

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