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Ian Santillano

2020 has started in quite a funny way hasn’t it? With the outbreak of a virus and protesting going on it seems like everyone’s life has just come to a standstill and day by day we wonder what we are going to do with ourselves? Seems like a good time to work on some music right? Well enter Ian Santillano.

At 24 years old, the Californian native maybe unknown to most of you but believe me this chap is a talent. With a love of the Guitar Hero series and the uncanny desire to learn other instruments he is a true student of the art of creativity. In his words “ I was one of those kids who would get 90% on Dragonforce, Through Fire and Flames on expert level” (putting this writer to shame knowing that he struggles on medium level). From jamming with his cousin in the garage to releasing songs with wonderful guitar melodies, these tracks have been heavily influenced by John Mayer, most recently Kendrick Lemar, and a passion for Jazz that comes form his High School years I think you can really get that sense of strong finger work and bluesy riffs when you hear Ian play. I urge you to checkout his 1856 Live show on YouTube where you can really experience what a talented musician Ian is.

“Cooped Up” is his latest release which is written and produced by Ian himself yep he did everything that goes into this track by himself. He explains that “the song is about quarantine and how you have that feeling of being stuck and isolated” in other words being “Cooped Up” at home, how very current. The funky beat of the drums at the start of the track are a perfect support for his fairly chilled and laidback vocals which are then backed up by the unique way he expresses himself though his lyrics.

Along with his solo work Ian Santillano also has a live band with him on stage known as the Housewarmers. These consist of some of his closest friends within music, featuring bass, drums, keys and sax players. One of the key things for Ian is to show off the band when on stage just like John Mayer dose with his live trio of Pino Palladino and Steve Jordan. I really think this guy has a future and with a little bit of luck we may see him over here in the UK and possibly an album on the way. Go and check him out on all music streaming services he’s a grower.

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