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Gallipoli: On Vodno - EP Review

Real magic exists in this new ep ‘On Vondo’. LA based indie/alternative duo Gallipoli wrote this four song piece in 2020 while they lived in North Macedonia for six months, working their way through the pandemic with notes and melodies. Their Bon Iver mixed with Sigur Ros style creates an authentic, honest and poetic atmosphere that could easily become the soundtrack to your life.

The lyrical storytelling the duo are capable of is honestlyphenomenal, making this EP such an easy listen. I’ve had it on repeat for a few days nowand with a short fourteen minute playtime, it’s definitely worth a spin. If I had to sum up the feeling it gives me, I’d say it makes me feel grounded. Calm, warm songs, so jam packed full of harmonising sounds that your ears will feel 10 times bigger while listening to them. Something I personally always look for in an EP or an album is some sort of progression throughout the tracks. Some sort of story being told, whether directly through the lyrics or through the music behind them. It creates an interesting listen and allows me to understand and connect to the artist in some way. This EP definitely has that movement behind it, flowing in such a satisfying way, giving a clear beginning, middle and end within just four tracks.

The first of these four is ‘Pick Me up Tonight’ and this one is probably my favourite. It includes this elegant yet confident electric guitar throughout that picks up all of the high notes in each and every chord, driving the song forward and promising a dreamy atmosphere. The poetic lyrics shine through like sunbeams in the water with honest

harmonies and sophisticated storylines. A melodic masterpiece plays out for the best three minutes and thirty-two seconds of your day, and that’s just the first track.

We then hear Gallipoli go on to sing ‘Blurry Mess’ to us, featuring yet again some dreamy guitar work but in a much softer tone, setting the pace for the middle section of this EP. Sincere words packed with meaning and truth ring through your ears, creating a clear connection between the listener and the artist, which as you know I value very highly. Art bringing together people to experience this exclusive bond is fascinating to me.

We then continue with this soft, melancholy mood as we progress into the next song ‘Poets’. As you can guess from its name, this one is based heavily around storytelling, careful lyrical work and of course poetry. All songs are made differently and with different priorities, but one of my favourite ideas for an artist to prioritise is poetry, and this song is exactly why. Really strong, well developed words that slot together gracefully, accompanied by a simple track featuring piano, guitar and backing vocals gives the lyrics the perfect platform to thrive. A classic feel, very soulful with a folk style storytelling vibe that clearly compliments and completes this EP’s whole middle section. ‘My, My’ rounds up On Vondo, compiling everything we have just heard into one final piece. After three songs of predominantly soft, backing guitar, Gallipoli let the six string take the lead for the final piece to the puzzle. You honestly just have to hear it, the perfect way to send a memorable shiver down your spine that’ll never let you forget this EP exists.

One final hit of emotion, of soul, of art. All in all, your next fourteen minutes should be spent listening to this EP. Gallipoli have worked together to create a gem that’ll run through my ears for years, and should experience yours too.

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