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Foxfeather: Too Damn Small

I have to say, the more I expose myself to folk rock music the more I love it. It has such a rich soul, always full of meaningful lyrics and instruments. Foxfeather are next up on my ever growing folk rock playlist with Too Damn Small, to be released on January 28th. An energetic new tune focusing on self empowerment is exactly what I needed at this moment in time, and what a beautiful tune it is. Written as the nation fell into a lockdown, co-songwriter Carly Ricks Smith looked ahead at her next few weeks and months, delving deep into her thoughts to express emotion through paper and pen, creating beautiful lyrical work that we can hear in this new song.

Carly and co-leader/co-songwriter Laura say the song is ‘a reminder of purpose and place in this world and in music, and commitment to continuing to create, which I think is such a perfect way to describe any process in which someone creates a piece of art, whether it’s music or not. Expressing that feeling of a conscious active commitment to creating more music is so important and such a progressive feeling to have, and I really feel that positive outlook in Too Damn Small. The energy in the vocal and lyrical work is the driving force in this powerful song.

The song makes me feel good, it’s simply a feel good song. The vocal work is incredible, Carly and Laura are both such talented singers and deliver such emotion through their voices. The tune also has a bit of an instrumental that stood out to me a lot. It consists of some kind of synth playing the melody of the chorus and it just works so well. I’m in love with synths like this so to hear them used so well in a folk rock song? Wow. The vocals smoothly get reintroduced alongside the synth to bring the whole tune together for a final crescendo of a chorus, it works so well and you’ve just got to hear it. Like I said, definitely another song for my folk rock playlist, I have January 28th in my calendar for its release, and you should too.

Check these girls out and give other singles by the girls to gear yourselves up for the 28th when 'Too Danm Small' drops on the 28th January.

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