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FooN and 'The Compass'

When you think of female-fronted rock bands who comes to mind? Ok sorry, that’s a stupid question the obvious answer is Paramore I mean can you get any more popular than Paramore, Misery Business still plays everywhere and if you are close to 30 as I am it stills slaps as good as it did back in 2007. Others may choose Evernesanse, Tonight Alive, Halestorm and most recently YONAKA. But now we have a new female-fronted band to get into, presenting Copenhagen’s own FooN. Fronted by the vocals of Olivia Vestergaard she is backed up by Mathias Schwartzbach ( Guitar ), Nicolai Andersen ( Drums ) and Allan Larsen ( Bass ).

FooN are creating their own path through the modern-day rock scene with explosive guitars and an energetic style, with songs that are driven by a high voltage rock sound alongside graceful melodies and loads of attitude that can make any listener take notice and enjoy. With this the band has given us thor latest single ‘The Compass’

This is a track, that for the band emphasises their vibrant characteristics that are always shown while on the live stage. The song is carried with a tight groove, hard as iron guitars, and vocals from Olivia that are striking yet defying building with solo drums and beefy bassline. The title serves as a metaphor for the song’s lyrics about the frustration of too many choices and not knowing what to do or where to go. Just like a compass can show directions to every world corner, but cannot tell you which way is the right one if you are lost. There is a point about 2:30 into the track which brings a nice surprise, it literally screams “PLEASE TAKE ME HOME” at you which serves as a nice bridge between Oliva’s vocals and Mathias’s fast guitar licks; flowing in with fun mini-drum rolls, which take us into a big euphoric outro.

‘The Compass’ is a fun track you can hear it in all its glory below.

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