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Flat Moon - Filet O Freak

What a cool band, I’m an instant fan. So groovy, decades of music wrapped up into one sound, they honestly have a bit of everything. Rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, soul, psychedelia, indie, funk, just so cool. The new tune from Flat Moon is Filet-o-freak and it just sums up the band’s sound perfectly. This is the kind of band I feel would be incredible to see live, they’d have so much fun on stage and get a whole crowd on their side with ease. I haven’t heard a sound like Flat Moon’s.

I usually try and liken these bands to more well known artists to give you a feel of what to expect, but to be honest I’m struggling to do that with Flat Moon. It’s such a new sound, or at least new to me, experimental and fresh with

hints of so many genres pouring out. So many instruments that never miss a beat and vocals that don’t hold back, it almost sounds like the band has twenty plus members. A loud, expressionist sound packed with energy, each pre chorus being a worthwhile build up to a crescendo of a chorus. Each member is so talented at what they do, every single note is hit with purpose throughout the song making for a professional final product. They have been able to create a whole atmosphere within Filet-o-freak, a really artful piece full of soul.

It has almost a punk rock style passion to it but from a folk point of view, a

proper ‘funk juggernaut’ as they have called it. They also said ‘the lyrics promote the

positives of embracing your individuality, and encourage the celebration of the bizarre or unfamiliar’. That is all we need in 2021 really, isn’t it? As our culture takes on a more accepting and loving view of the world and the people around us, Flat Moon are there to remind us of how productive and fun that very stand point really is. After all, what is a culture without the expression of music? They are a revolutionary modern day band, heavily influenced by generations of talented musicians. Check out Fillet O Freak below and don't forget to follow us on our socials.

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