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Flat Moon

So recently I’ve been going through a big funk and disco phase, there have been times when I have been cooking or washing up grooving to the sounds of Nile Rodgers and Chic in my kitchen, it’s gotten to the point that when night clubs can open again I genuinely really want to do to a disco night. Now you can imagine my reaction when I hear a band like Flat Moon. This is a band that has somehow managed to mix my love for alternative rock and my flavour of the month of funk music.

Originally from Leeds, Jacob (Lead guitar, Vocals) and Euan (Drums) met in college, in the music practice room and formed a natural bond when Jacob began jamming out ‘Moby Dick’ by Led Zeppelin. A year later they met Ali ( Bass and Vocals ) and Matt ( Guitar and Vocals )at Uni in Leeds then compleated the line up by adding Alex (Guitar and Vocals ) to the mix through being Euan’s next door neighbour. Flat Moon is a band that prides themselves on not have a designated frontman this is unique, it gives the band a chance to explore new ideas and mix it up a little it gives them more breathing space to create and find the right rage for the right track. Using the idea of 3 guitarists and the everlasting inspiration from acts such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers, King Crimson, Stevie Wonder, the band have come up with a sound that is heavy, psychedelic and funky. This is music that doesn’t take itself too seriously, it wants the listener to have fun and go through their own rendition of emotions, one thing I will say it will get you dancing this is something the band like to call Brit funk.

‘Enough’ was released back in November and what an absolute banger this is, it really is great work form the band. The track has a funky intro the then slips into some ferocious guitars along with fast drum beats it gives you a sense of someone flicking through radio stations trying to pick the right one, you’re not sure if you should be headbanging or wiggling your hips and I love that. A brief mention here when you get about 2 minutes and 22 seconds into the song you hit a face melting guitar solo that blows your brain like an exploding volcano, it's fast and an exciting thrill ride trust me you will love it. The track represents two sides of an argument and how that can clash, how one individual is refusing to back down and admit their wrong-doings and this is shown through the lyrics that can detail raw feelings such as frustration and animosity. So I guess you could say the funky notes in contrast with the hard rock riffs are being represented as two people arguing.

Looking at the future, really it’s the same as any band Flat Moon just want to get on the road and start touring again and are hopeful that in 2021 they can get to as many festivals as they can.

Follow the link to Spotify to listen to ‘Enough’ and ill let you make the decision whether or not to headbang or groove on down.

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