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Elly Tess: Sad Girl

After releasing her debut single last week, newcomer Elly Tess has already started to build connections with her ever growing fanbase. A deeply emotive artist with a knack for storytelling, we already know that Elly is going to make waves next year.

The song, entitled ‘sad girl’ is both nostalgic and fresh; it pairs catchy lyrics and breakdowns with familiar everyday sounds, creating a deeply authentic and modern sound overall. The echoey vocals and harmonies particularly in the chorus have a hauntingly romantic feel to them, allowing Tess to deeply express intense emotions of hurt, betrayal and bitterness. While the story of the song is familiar-falling quickly in love with someone who does not share your affections-the sharpness of the single offers a contemporary new retelling.

Tess recently moved from her home in Poland to LA where she has been transitioning into the fast paced and ever changing music scene. She has explained that within her songwriting, she draws reference from her background and upbringing in order to give her songs intimacy and authenticity, qualities which are becoming increasingly rare in the modern music world.

Alongside the release of the single, Tess also dropped a music video for the song which is full of feeling. The lighting of the video is especially powerful; red accents appear throughout the night shot, bringing home the song's sentiment and emotions. A lot of the camera shots are taken with intense shadows, illuminating Tess in hues of green, red and blue. Though both simple, the videography and lyrics work perfectly in sync, both together telling a emotional and genuine story.

A strong debut for the artist, we are excited to see what will come next from Elly Tess. Though a lover of sad songs, we can only see happy things coming her way.

Check out "Sad Girl" below and enjoy this track in its fullest.

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