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Electric Mob

Rock music is awesome. I've been writing about bands for a few months now but they have mainly been Indie, there is nothing wrong with that it's probably the main genre I listen too but I like to keep this fresh as I’m a big hard guitar rock fan as well. This is why when I heard this band I got very excited because wow do these guys rock say hello to Electric Mob. This Brazilian metal group are everything you love about metal music, from the screeching almost god like guitar playing to the hard drum beats that makes you think the drummer has something against his kit its loud, it's raw and it will fricking keep your neighbours up.

Being from the South of Brazil in the city of Curibita Electric Mob have four members Renan ( Vocals ) a guy I would describe as the sexiness of Vince Neal mix with the passion and badassery of Corey Taylor, Ben ( Guitar ), Yuri ( Bass) and Andre ( Drums ) and having met in 2016 they have become a band that is really putting rock music in Brazil on the map as one of the countries most promising bands in recent years so much so they have even played in front of 80,000 people. The band uses big riffs, strong grooves and impressive vocals that are a testament to the full old school hard rock style of the 70s, 80’s and 90’s bands that they have been inspired by think

Incubus, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Motley Crue.

Their latest album titled “Discharge” gives you a blend of solid kickass blues and eathquakeing loud guitar riffs that have developed from the sound the band has originally created for themselves. The album really packs a punch and you forget that this is only their first album when it seems like they have been around for years. That's what I love about this band. Everything seems to come so easy to them, it’s a pure natural talent that is expressed through their persona and amps. The track “Devil You Know” is a track I urge you to go take a listen to. It's a track I think is a great introduction to the band then after listen to the rest of the album. “Devil You Know” has a great blues base that then explodes into guitar riffs that will melt your face off, Electric Mob turn up the heat to make you understand they mean business and you better know it. In the words of Renan, `` It's a song that I came up with after watching the Netflix series of Lucifer. I love the soundtrack so that's what inspired Devil You Know as a song”. One thing I will say about the track is that it was a killer guitar solo around the 2:14 mark so hats off to you Ben it's 17 seconds of joy.

Overall this is just a band that love rocking out and putting on a show, they are not about meaningful songs and songs that connect with people they don't care, all that matters to this band is shredding guitars and living in the moment, each member just lays it all on the line and throws down the perfect requirement for stadium tours and a successful hard rock band. So go Electric Mob on all streaming platforms and give Discharge a listen. It will melt your face to the ground and keep it there.

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