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Edith: The Day We Met

In her latest release, Edith reflects on a lost love and talks about how she could return to the moment the relationship began. ‘The Day We Met’ makes you want to turn off all the lights and dance in the kitchen, reliving days of nostalgia and naivete which slipped away too soon. The young singer-songwriter explained this was exactly the feeling she was trying to invoke with this song, explaining in her own words:

I sat alone and replayed it over and over in my head and really wished I would have said how I really felt in that moment. It is really a sad song which I wanted people to dance to.’

Behind the upbeat sound there is a sense of regret and yearning for something which has gone. The lyrics explain what Edith is feeling but the music video truly captures the essence of the track. Edith wanders alone through dimly lit alleyways and streets littered with concert and club posters, singing and dancing along to the music. In scenes where there are crowds, she appears lost; looking around desperately for a familiar face or something to hold onto. Throughout she is very much in her own world, but as the video progresses she seems more accepting and comfortable in her own company. Over the course of the track, she comes to realise that whilst she can look back fondly on memories, it was the right thing for the relationship to end.

The catchy lyrics of this song can’t help but get stuck in your head. They have a seamless and beautiful simplicity and as such really get the raw emotions across well. Throughout, Edith highlights that you don’t need clever or flowery language to talk about your feelings; it is enough to just say things as they are.

Oh your eyes and your lips your hands on my hips, I should have known but I never asked to feel this alone… I tried to hide from your love but I can’t seem to get why you’re so addictive”

This track really shows Edith at her very best. She has had a few years now to work on her songwriting prowess and her ability to connect with her audience shines through this song. An avid musician from a young age, Edith uses music as therapy; a means to navigate and work through the things and feelings she is going through. This catharsis and idea of finding peace through music is something which is really clear in this track; just as she is able to come to the realisation that she is okay on her own, she encourages the listener to also recognise that you can stand tall on your own two feet.

'The Day We Met' is out now. This a seriously catchy tune and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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