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Eddie's House

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

We get influenced by music in so many ways, whether that’s from personal experiences, a book you read or a certain event that has happened in your life then you have family this is probably the biggest influence and introduction to music anyone can claim to this includes me. My love for music started with my dad, banging out David Bowie and Genesis on the drive to school and back that set me up but for Eddie’s House, it was almost destiny that each member would end up doing something in music as they all come from musical families and when you are around that environment how can you not?

The London based band met at University (doesn’t everyone) they consist of Callum ( Lead guitar ) Adam ( Vocals and Bass ) and William ( drums ) came together as they all share the common affection for punk rock and you can definitely see this affection with their rough sound and energy. Imagine Sex Pistols and The Clash having a baby together then throwing some instruments on them and say going kids show us what you got for me that is Eddie's house, in a nutshell, this is non too apparent than in the song “I Feel Sick”. This is a track that oozes that 1970s London punk rock scene with its fast guitars and a speedy drum beat that gets you pogoing on the spot kicking around like your possessed just watch your head on that ceiling, Adams voice is as roughneck as Sid Vicious and as angry as smoking gelled up spiked hair rocker as it can be. Callum’s guitar playing and William’s drumming comes from solid rock backgrounds as well. For William, it’s the pure raw sound of the White Stripes so much so during the Interview Will’s dad was playing Bass in the background which was an enjoyable process and for Callum its the long guitar riffs of Iron Maiden he goes on in saying how “ terrifying the album covers were but the sound was so badass I had to pick u a guitar and try it for myself”.

The name Eddie’s house comes from how Callum was at home on the phone and his mum of all people saw their dog named Eddie on the sofa like “the king that he is” in his words not mine and says “ sometimes I think Eddie thinks that this is his house" Boom!! light bulb moment on that day the band’s name stuck and let’s be honest our dogs do live the best life at home.

The band wants to bring a more up to date feel to their latest single “Birds” where you can find on their Spotify. The track has a more indie flow to it. Written by Adam it’s about looking at yourself and understanding the routine of life and where you want to go with it. The riffs are a lot calmer and elevate the band’s future of wanting to break out of the circuit and travel to different places with their music. Eddie’s House are young up and comers and I can’t wait to see them bring that old school punk rock style to London venues. Go check these boys out.

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