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Dust in the Sunlight

I’m going to start this off by giving a shout out to the unsung heroes, to the people that are always standing in the background and don’t get the recognition they may deserve, that’s right I’m talking about the backing singers. The backing singer provides harmonies and vocals that complement the melody line performed by a Lead Singer and what is funny is sometimes they are a better singer than the person they are backing. Breaking away from this leads us to a great example of two people who met as backing singers. Annie (from Devon and Billy from Southend now both live in London), met when they were backing vocals for a Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly album.

While paired up to sing harmonies both immediately recognised how good our voices sounded together. That evening, two songs (one being the self-titled ‘Dust in the Sunlight’) were written and the duo hasn’t looked back since. The duo is a ray of sunshine (no pun intended there), they bring a blistering haze to their music through indie pop sounds and collective harmonies, it’s chill, to the point that it calms you down and gets you thinking, a perfect setting for a sunset or late afternoon walk in the woods just before it goes dark like a struggle between night and day.

What you get from Dust in the Sunlight is a feel of London Grammer, Bon Iver and Joni Mitchell and it’s obvious these are the main influences that Annie and Billy turn to when it comes to the self-titled track ‘Dust in the Sunlight’. This is a wonderfully crafted song, and the duo’s passion for songwriting radiates through the whole thing. The songwriting powers of Bruce Springsteen and Tom Waits have inspired Billy to write with a style that grips you onto every word.

The track is dusky indie music with a mesmerizing opening. Annie’s vocals keep you hooked, as the tempo increases with the melodies the track pushes on and keeps you locked into paradise and awe. The track is about trying to change in any way just to make someone still love you, it’s a struggle that I think everyone has weather they are in a relationship or not. The two singers have now taken this project to the forefront and developing nicely, their bend is getting stronger and that leads to better music. Traveling between Southend and London Dust in the Sunlight are writing and recording new music consistently and with ‘Dust in the Sunlight’ now being remixed it’s evident that the sky is the limit for the band.

Like any band, they are hoping to get back to playing live shows sooner than later and expect new music out very soon. Check out ‘Dust in the Sunlight’ on the Spotify link below and enjoy.

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