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Updated: Oct 5, 2020


Ok yes I know I’m a rocker but I love my electronic music too and why am I singling out Deadmau5? Because in my eyes he's the electronic music answer to Mozart you know what? screw it he is Mozart and Beethoven rolled into one. You’re probably thinking that's a bit of an odd comparison but hear me out, Mozart and Beethoven performed classical music in big opera houses to thousands of people, right? well put that into modern-day times electronic music is like this day and age classical music and you can classify the large crowds at festivals as the opera house of past time and Deadmau5 is the composer.

You look at tracks like Strobe, The Veldt, and Monophobia it’s tone to tone beautiful skill showcasing the time and effort he puts into his craft, you think of a past artist that use synths and electronics in tunes names like Pink Floyd, David Bowie, and Daft Punk and how they create that high in music like your lost. This is what I get from Deadmau5: that endorphin high of feeling lost and alive indulging in a blend of musical waves and breaks it’s almost heavenly. The passion of Deadmau5 is none too apparent than when he discovers Chris James doing the lyrics on Soundcloud to The Veldt. I won't go on about it but just watch his reaction in the video it’s just fantastic like he has found the next big thing, the video is on Youtube so go find it. This may seem like a Deadmau5 appreciation paragraph and yeah technically it probably is but I’m also trying to put my opinion across as too why and in my opinion he is the King.

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