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Dirty Honey

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Who likes hard shredding guitars, solid rock vocals and a lead singer who looks like the love child of Steve Tyler and Axl Rose? If it’s a hand up yes to any of these then Dirty Honey is the band for you.

This American quartet that formed in 2017 are a breath of fresh air bringing the sounds of the mid-60s 70s rock back to the main culture of 2020. Now they may sound like the sort of band your Dad likes but don’t let that fool you these guys are rock and roll as much as Jack Daniels and throwing your TV through a hotel window. With a heavy influence of Led Zepplin, Aerosmith and AC/DC the band is on the up their latest EP that is self-titled “Dirty Honey” is a punchy melt your face rock masterpiece that is bringing that new classic rock movement back. With songs like Rolling 7s and When I’m Gone being the first two songs on the EP bring all the pieces together for a great introduction to what the band is all about.

As I look back to when I first discovered Dirty Honey, I was looking for new rock bands to get into and came across them via Kerrang recommendations and I couldn’t believe what I was listening to. This was a wonderful blend of bluesy hard rock smashing you in the face, guitar riffs and hard drums that could play on par with anyone of the greats from the Golden Generation of rock.

There is no surprise that they have been the support for rock gods Guns and Roses recently and even opened for Slash and Alter bridge it’s a non-stop feel-good party for your ears and if there is one band to rock out to this summer make it Dirty Honey.

Good Rock and Roll is still out there and alive so enjoy it while you are bored at home and don’t be afraid to wack out an air guitar and jump on a few sofas.

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