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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

It’s amazing how many names a band goes through until they find one that sticks. I’m sure in the past you have come across a whole load of weird and wonderful named bands that make you think how on earth have they come up with that ! ? Or jeez that sounds really boring or tacky for a band name but I’m sure if it works it works right?

Computersad went through quite a few names himself. He started with Waterterror which didn’t work out (maybe for the best), then came Computersad which in David’s words he came up with because “I like the sound of a broken computer or a sad computer". I think it's clear to say he is referring to the dull hum of a broken computer or, it's a genuine vendetta against them. Either way, it makes for a totally unique album name.

Ok, time to get back on track. David is an American songwriter who brings a unique and raw sound to his music. This is fused with meaningful lyrics, a rough scratch melody, and an electronic tempo. With the help of his band it is apparent that David and Computersad work hard to bring the elements of their current emo lifestyle back into the way they play. Their latest EP titled “Post Series Depression” shows of the fundamentals of the band's music and how they are trying to deliver it. The EP is a base of current events and how music can relate to something that is highly recognisable such as depression in young people. This EP is a cry out to try to get people to realise what depression is. And if this was not intended, then it has made for a pretty good EP name.

I’m going to single out “Virginia Beach” as a recommended track. This a beautiful lyrically song about David’s dad almost like a tribute to him, it’s calm and poignant with a certain aspect of respect and truth. With the help of the acoustic guitar and a simple drum beat, you can’t help but smile to the track as the relationship that David has with his father is being explained it definitely has a feel good factor to it. You get this from the simple hooks and breaks within the song. Overall yes when you hear Computersad and even when you meet him he can seem a little unorthodox but there is definitely talent there and when you can create a whole EP in your bedroom on software that isn’t as professional as you want it to be that must count for something.

You can check out Computersad on Spotify and all other music streaming platforms so what are you waiting for?

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