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Coleman Rigg & the Ridge Runners

When I talk to bands I always like to get a back story, I like to find out about their first experiences in music and how they got inspired to do what they do. Usually, the answer is “ my Mum and Dad were in a band “ or “ We all met at music school or University” which is great to have that background I’m not knocking it, With others, it’s more “ I’m a fan of this band and wanted to be like them” or “ I got into music through my parents CD’s”. This is what I love about Coleman Rigg and The Ridge Runners they wanted to play because they are fans.

Back in 2014, Coleman started focusing on his music seriously writing songs and developing his sound and identity, then in 2018 he decided he needed to play live so came the search for musicians to play with, enter The Ridge Runners. These musicians consist of Zach (lead guitar), Sam (bass) and Nick (drums) and were found by Coleman through various bands and adds online in his words, “ It just stuck like glue, they are all fantastic musicians and was a match made in heaven” that’s one lucky singer right there.

Coleman and the band define rock n roll in so many ways, they have managed to blend hard slamming guitars with darker elements through melodies and old school riffs. This comes from taking inspiration from bands like REM, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Greenday this is apparent in the single “Too Close”. Written by Coleman, it’s a gritty, riff-based, song that squeezes out Americana and the fundamentals of Rock n Roll like a juiced up apple pie. Rigg is on lead vocals and his raw harmonies bring the track to life. “Too Close” is about dealing with your imperfections and beating wanting to become a different version of yourself almost like an ultra ego, well everyone has one so why not write about it.

The track is part of a 4 song EP titled “Characters Living in Screens” which is an absolute triumph in itself. The pandemic is giving Coleman a chance to modal a new way of being creative. So what can we expect in the future form Coleman and his merry men? Well, what we do know is that a new album could be on its way come early next year.

Go check out “Too Close on the link below and “Characters Living in Screens” on our albums page on our site plus many more.

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