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Charlie Steel

Songwriting can be a tricky business, for rappers, it’s about rhyming while for bands and solo singers it’s about digging deep into those feelings or experiences. Songwriting is about getting the message of the track to the audience, a great songwriter pulls on the fans’ heartstrings and makes the track relatable to them. You think of great lyricists such as Eminem, Ed Sheeran and the late great Freddie Mercury when these artists say their words you listen, there is always a story behind every word and that makes you feel it and what I mean by this is that you can feel their pain, their experiences and their joy.

Charlie Steel is a 25 year old singer who has taken a page out of this songwriting book and applied himself to evolve as a meaningful songwriter. From Greater London. He started writing a few years ago just to get things off his chest as a source of release, it turned more into a rant on paper. This is the fire that burned within him to express himself but was criticised for being too negative. Charlie looks to the likes of The Streets, Loyal Carner, Jamie T and Kate Nash when it comes to his biggest influences he quotes in saying how “they all manage to paint pictures with their words when listening to their tunes. This is such a classy way to create music for me”.

I love his laid back way. It's very engaging. It seems that he is just making music whenever he feels like it, like a heat of the moment. I guess it all comes down to what mood he is in it’s very cool. His Track ‘One Thing’ emphasizes this, with a wave and twang of electronic synths that are being complemented by Charlie's Laid back style. The track has real vibes of The Streets and Blur with some brilliant tongue and cheek wordplay. ‘One Thing’ is the grit that comes from the walls of the Working Mans Club and the rough and tumble energy that brings.

The roots of the track also come s from his love for Kate Nash as he states how“ they sort of manage to express feelings of love and relationships without being too cringey and full-on which I really like!” Overall what hits the nail on the head is that this is a laid back tune that charlie wants people to take what it is, to put a smile on your face in these hard times. That's the beauty of music right? To put smiles on peoples faces.

I really feel that this belongs on your playlist, it's incredibly British and will take you back. Check out the track by clicking the Spotify link and enjoy.

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