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Call me Zuko

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The love that people have for music is a powerful thing it makes us who we are and how we conduct our lives, people say money is the key to happiness but you can make the argument that this is wrong and music holds that key to happiness. Happiness in a way it can completely change your mood to sad or angry to motivated to happy in seconds and with all these elements come that burning sensation of finding something new, a new band or a new singer that no one has ever heard before like they are your own little secret until you finally meet someone who knows them as well and understands how much they rock and this is the situation on how Call me Zuko came about.

The 2 member band that consists of Alex ( Guitarist ) and Trevor ( Drums and vocals ) two men from Cheltenham that met and University back in 1998 and both shared a love for 80s rock band Dan Reed Network and in Alex’s own words “ I generally surprised that I’ve met someone who knows that band”. He goes on in saying “ I found a ring on the floor and saw this guy was wearing a lot of rings asked if it was his? And just so happened to be his ring”. One conversation about similar styles and fanning over John Travoltas Grease character Danny Zuko later the band name was decided.

The self-titled 7 track album bangs, it’s based on previous relationships that Trevor had been in while heavily influenced by bands such as Muse, Inme, and Nothing More and you get the sense of that with songs like “Imposter” “Confess” and “One”. These tracks really show the similarities between Trevor’s and Matt Bellamy’s voice that almost psychedelic sound that can range from so many levels. His voice really gets along with the beat of the drums and explosive guitar riffs, it makes the sound of the band sound almost like an event that encourages you to turn it up and blast it out of your window. “Confess” is a track I even think Matt Bellamy himself would be proud of.

This stong mix of edgy progressive rock, hard-ass monster riffs, and sailing harmonies complement the melodic nature you get when you listen to the band and they say when you do listen to them they want you to realize that “the music comes first” I can’t agree more even though Trevor’s songwriting may not be the most poetic and that’s ok because it’s punchy and simple and makes you really focus on how Alex’s guitar riffs and raw sounds a

nd in my mind that’s how rock music should be it should focus on the time and effort these musicians put in when it comes to making these tracks it’s a little thing called passion it's funny all this over a lost ring and a late 1970s musical film huh.

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