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Bungalow Look to 'Make it Right'

I love this time of year, not only is it close to my birthday but it is also getting warmer outside and that comes with a good feeling in everyone’s soul. Spring into summer is amazing, PIMMS takes over the supermarket floor and picnics rule the parks, and most importantly music sounds better.

Bungalow is a band that is made up of friendship between Thomas and Camille, they have been friends since their early teens. In 2015, after years of different projects and bandmates, Camille eventually began doing things on his own at an underground hip-hop recording studio along the canals of Amsterdam. It was there that he and Thomas cut their first tracks as a duo. Here Bungalow was officially born. Bungalow has just released a summer sizzler called ‘Make It Right’.

This is a shimmering poolside tune to soundtrack that first drink of a cocktail to sit back and wait for sunset right through to a wake of an ocean sunrise. Starting with a Jai Paul inspired beat, the track eases you in with laid back pop guitars, it’s wavy that makes you wish you were on holiday. Vocally it’s sweet. The vocals are soothing and dreamy, they go extremely well with the synths it is very impressive. I keep listening to this and can’t help but constantly think about how I miss travelling.

The track was written one summer afternoon at the band’s studio in Amsterdam and channels the sun-pop playfulness of the 1975’s track TOOTIME it is definitely that sort of vibe. Thomas and Camile explain how the track came about, We wanted to write a track where we never played anything on the first beat” Thomas and Camille explain. “The track was originally called Beat One until we took the lyrics from the bridge of another track and threw them in here where they stuck. Funnily enough that track we took the lyrics from would go on to become Rockets a previous track of theirs that you should definitely check out as well. If You are going for something new this summer make sure ‘Make It Right’ is on your playlist trust us it will make your summer that much sweeter, let's be honest I think we all deserve it. Check out the track below and enjoy Bungalow as a whole.

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