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Happy New Year everybody and what a relief 2020 is over. I am back after a few days off and do I have a treat for you. Once again our friends from across the pond have thrown talented musicians in my face like a custard cream pie, who am I going to rave on about for the first post of 2021 Ladies and Gents I give to you BlueBrown.

From New Jersy, real name Matt Brown was originally part of a band but had Blue Brown as a side project. This came from taking inspiration from the extravagant Japanese star Kengo Hioki AKA Peelander Yellow from the band Peelander Z as Brown explains “ Hioki developed an entire identity based on a single colour. Everything he wears and uses is branded by a very specific yellow that he, as a painter, developed himself”. While travelling in Australia and being that he already had a colour in my name, Matt simply found and thought about what colours match. Blue and brown often represent Earth and Sky, something he felt was fitting for a traveller. Also, the fact that his eyes are blue and his hair is brown. The two colours were already built into his identity. Seems like a no brainer.

We have been lucky enough that BlueBrown has given us ‘Kingdom Go’. This is a track that has been influenced by the 90 alternative rock culture, what I mean by this is that there are lots of different elements to it, elements that combine together and explode like a mad science project in your ears. A good example is thinking about the Foo Fighters track ‘But Honestly’ it has that slow build up then about 3 minutes into the song it punches you with a rollercoaster of hard guitars. This what ‘Kingdom Go’ does it builds you up for a nice soft almost folk like track with the staring melodies and chords of the guitar, it’s fast and sweet, then when you’re all ready to sink into it BOOM!! In comes a strong rock riff to give it some life and wake you up. I love that its like a little surprise but a good one. "

Kingdom Go" is from the perspective of someone in a relationship with a partner whose personal growth is quickly exceeding their own. The partner is growing quicker by slowing things down this is shown in the folky guitaring at the start and middle of the track. This shows frustration and not being able to keep up with the slow pace. The catchy chorus, "I can't wait for you", leaves the audience to decide if it's a cry of desire or of resentment, further revealing the confusion and frustration the people are experiencing. One thing for sure is that currently, this the most honest music BlueBrown is coming up with, to him its the most transparent he has ever been about himself, musically and artistically and wants you to do the same.

The future brings more of a chance to create songs that originated back in New Jersy but are being developed while he continues travelling in Australia. With this Matt brings video series called [outSides]. This showcases outdoor live music videos set in some of Australia's most beautiful landscapes so look out for this too.

Follow the Spotify link to ‘KIngdom Go’ and enjoy this wonderfully crafted song.

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