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Blue Eyed Giants

In 2016, Brighton alternative rock four-piece Blue Eyed Giants came into the Alternative music scene with their debut EP, ‘Black And Blue‘, which showcased a sonic blend of rock and metal sub-genres with an indie radio rock n roll edge, Think bands like Don Braco and Foo Fighters mixed with the guitar-wielding and caveman drumming power of bands like Lamb of God and Gojira. Which most fans of Rock music post-2005 would be very big fans of.

Blue Eyed Giants did take an extended break from making music between 2016 to 2017 due to the Frontman Nick started dating someone from Australia, who had six months left on their visa, and he thought it wouldn’t be anything serious, but it ended up being more than that, and after long deliberation, he decided to go over there and pursue that relationship. After living out in Australia for almost two years the wanting and yearning to play music became too much, so he came back, we had a practice, and a week later, they were back in the game. They returned in 2019 with the Banger of a Track, ‘No Brainer’, which resulted in a ton new fans for the band, and the video for the track was featured on YouTube channel Dreambound and going into 2020 they had two awesome amazing tracks Radio Silence and the killer Wide Awake.

Radio Silence is the one track I wish to highlight that perfectly shows the bands dynamic range as musicians the awesome crushing riff power and the interesting double bass instrumentation and the amazing incredible impactful heartfelt lyrics make Blue Eyed Giants sound out in the world of alternative rock music.

I caught up with the two of the Lads from the band Jaime and Jack this week to talk about their plans for 2021 and what they think bands are doing well to cope with the lack of concerts and festivals at the moment. This is what they had to say.

Hi, Guys lovely to meet you guys and big thank you for chatting with me today. So my first question that I usually ask bands when I first meet them is What bands and genres inspire you to create the music you make?

Jack: Well we listen to all sorts really, everything from Don Braco to Neck Deep, To Progressive and big riffy Metal that where all those odd time signatures and drum fills come in in track like Radio Silence. We like to show off our skills as a band but we also love to keep it based and solid. I think it makes us stand out.

Jamie: We also have this Radio Rock indie vibe as well which helps keep our sound grounded and based in the stuff we loved as Teenagers. That’s why we look up to bands like Foo Fighters cos they tend to have parts that make sense but also stuff that may surprise and amaze the listener.

What do you guys think about the massive change to the music industry that’s taken place due to the Corona Virus Pandemic and how do you think you and other bands have adapted?

Jack: Oh I think everyone in our scene has adapted quite well I'm really enjoying that the likes of Trivium have been doing with their live streams on twitch playing full sets and allowing fans to support them through that also loving the fact some bands are allowing fans to pay more to see every single band member play their instruments up close allows fans to interact with the music like ever before. That’s what I think is the coolest thing.

Jamie: I think for us it’s allowed us to finely polish our songs and our song writings and start making plans for us to finally record an EP. I’ve also been enjoying what big bands are doing during the pandemic as a temporary replacement for live music I thought what Architects did at the Royal Albert Hall last year was incredible and awe-inspiring and smaller bands should be following in their example doing something that good.

You Guys are from Brighton and I’ve known for years that it’s been an interesting scene for music in general what do you think makes it so and is it a strong part of who you are as a band?

Jack: Well I think what makes Brighton Interesting in terms of the music scene is the acceptance of everything and anything. For example, you could go to a local gig on a Saturday night and the opening band could be a reggae band and the closing band could be an all-out hardcore band and I think that’s what makes Brighton different from big cities like London and Manchester its the acceptance of all and everything. I think it informs us as a band the way we play and think about music.

So before I wrap up this interview What are your plans for 2021 and going forward?

Jack: Hopefully going back to doing gigs all over the country and playing some more festivals Download and Reading hopefully.Also looking forward to recording a brand new EP in the future

Jamie: I'm looking forward to moving back into the normal cycle of touring getting in a van and hitting the road.Hoping to tour Europe and push Blue Eyed Giants further and further. But right now the focus is putting an EP together. The Future looks bright

You can listen to Blue Eyed Giants On Spotify, Facebook and on Youtube check out the link to Radio Silence down below

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