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Black Match

Do you remember the time when all you would hear on the radio every summer was folky banjo bands? This was a time when bands like Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters and Men and Noah and the Wale ruled the charts, yep it’s 2010 again now put your straw hat back on and start serenading your crush by the campfire again because I have a duo that will take you back oh the joys.

Black Match is a 2 piece California band that shares a love of folk music and songwriting. The two are best friends and have been since an early age and you can tell this by how both there voices blend together like strawberries and cream their tones just fit perfectly, you get a real sense of togetherness. Their music style is influenced by the sunny Californian coastline and you get that when you listen to the song titled “Nowhere”.

This is a track that screams out early summers ( if you live in a coastal town near a beach you know what I mean ) it undoubtedly radiates that fine gap of beauty and sheer pain. I’m not going to go into too much detail because I don’t want to ruin this beautiful song for you but I will say it’s a masterpiece of acoustic guitar chords, a simple background beat, and delicate songwriting that is filled with concrete emotion and powerful harmonies sometimes simple is best. It’s a shame the 2020 Coronavirus has canceled all festivals this summer because I can guarantee these two would’ve lit them up the same way Mumford and Sons did back in the early 2010s. Check them out on our Spotify playlist or anywhere you stream your music.

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