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Updated: Oct 5, 2020


So I’m going to go all Modern here and start talking about a band I have been listening to recently about 4 months to be exact. I was looking for some new music and an old University friend of mine recommended I start listening to Beartooth as he knew I was a big fan of I Prevail, Bring Me To The Horizon and Don Broco so I thought OK cool let’s give them a listen.

I should add that I was at a point in my life mentally I wasn’t in a good place I was constantly stressed at work and even my home life was becoming hard I was dipping into depression by the minute and I needed music to get out of it but this is another story for another time. So my friend sent me over their song Afterall and Boom as soon as those guitars hit hard after the intro I was hooked, it was the perfect blend of hardcore punk rock and screamo.

Caleb Shomo’s voice is so punchy it just hits you in the face like a straight jab from Mike Tyson it gets your heart pumping and your head banging all night. I feel it's the sound Millennial rockers need now, this is a generation that grew up Blink 182, The Offspring, and Linkin Park we haven’t had that sound in such a long time and now the reunions of MCR, Green Day and Jimmy Eat World it’s given bands like Beartooth a chance to bring that back and give Millennials a chance to fall back in love with rock music. So after all this, they bring out an album like Disease and if you haven’t heard Disease my goodness you have to listen to it in my opinion best rock album of 2018-2019. Every song is so badass rock and catchy its impossible not to headbang to every song on that album just brings me back to a teenage time where I’m going to the local village park to meet my friends at the skate park. The album is just pure gold and they are quickly becoming my favourite band in the modern times.

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