Augustus Breeze

The biggest DJ/Producer in the Uk who is it? Ok that’s an easy one it’s Calvin Harris, It’s a no brainer Calvin Harris is a serious hit machine seems like everything he touches turns to gold. People may argue in terms of legacy it’s Fatboy Slim and yes that is probably true too but in terms of the modern day its Calvin. Obviously, Calvin Harris is Scottish and for the life of me, I can’t think of any Scottish born DJs/ Producers until now...

Enter Augustus Breeze. Real name Kamran Afshar, Kamran is from the beautiful city of Edinburgh and growing up listening to to the sounds of 90s hip-hop/RnB and 70s soul Agustutus has bought that to the forefront of his sound he mentions the likes of A Tribe Called Quest and D’Angelo, Gil Scott Heron, Minnie Riperton, along with more modern stuff like Hiatus Kaiyote and badbadnotgood being his biggest influences and you can see why with his cool silky beasts smoothing out with a laidback, calm collective persona. Now Augustus gives us ‘Dreaming’ which features the beautiful voice of Sophie Penman.

Being from Edingburgh as well Augustus and Sophie met over Soundcloud when hearing some of Sophies tracks Augustus got straight in touch asking to collaborate. With Sophie passing vocals and melodies over and Kamran mixing in beats, hey presto magic was made like a Mars bar in batter ( if you know you know ). ‘Dreaming’ is a beautiful track, Sophie’s vocals are sensational that brig so much power and authenticity to the Augustus’ background beats and melodies. She reminds of a Joss Stone or Norah Jones, it’s warm and welcoming I feel I should be ina beach bar with a cocktail and the sun going down in the background. This is a laidback track and Augustus mentions that his main instrument is the keyboard and that comes into play within the intro, his ‘breezy’ electronic keys really set the tone and fit to what this track is all about.

In his words "Dreaming" was initially produced on a real sunny day during lockdown after a long day of sitting outside messing around with the guitar. Tried to capture the positives of lockdown such as the guilt free chilling”. So really it’s fundamentally a way to ease people's minds and try to bring some chilled, sunny vibes to a pretty weird year. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? What I love about these two is that their music represents their personality too. When asked about future plans they mention about gigging together and they don’t care if that’s on stage to hundreds of people or in a park to a bunch of pigeons, there is something so romantic about that and just shows the pride and love of playing wherever they can.

If you have the winter blues and getting tired of it being cold all the time put ‘Dreaming’ on, close your eyes and imagine being on a beach on a beautiful summers evening in the Mediterranean. Go on, I’ll even leave a link to the song here.

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