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Recently we have seen many bands being from the south of England being featured on Music in Isolation. Now I’m not being biased here, being a southern chap myself but the talent that is coming from the southern parts of England is amazing at the moment. You think of previously featured bands Luna Blue, Blue Eyed Giants, Wild Front and Stagg and Collins. Well next is this all-woman alternative rock band Artemis.

Hailing from Southampton, the girls met while attending Solent University where Fenella ( Drummer) met (Vocalist) Yianna. You see Yianna was performing Jade Bird’s banger ‘Uhuh’, this was enough to convince both artists to talk to each other about forming a band. Frankie (Guitarist) and Hannah (Bassist) played at the same gig and also impressed, thus Artemis was formed. Artemis are a four-piece that absolutely rock. They are punchy, with a sound that is wild and free. Fundamentally this is a band that is showcasing women rocking out and kicking butt. In an era that is so dedicated and supportive over women being strong and powerful, Artemis are doing this through slamming hard guitars and meaningful lyrics.

The girls had the chance to tell me who had really been their icons, who they have looked up to and who has inspired their music. Yianna explains that “ Our style is inspired by old Paramore, we are all big fans. Other than that, we are also inspired by Tonight alive, The Marmozetts and The Runaways``. I think you can really hear that in the band's hard rocking tune ‘Kingdom’.

The track starts of like a firework as it explodes into life with strong riffs from guitarist Frankie, it’s a perfect introduction to where ‘Kingdom’ is going and continues that journey throughout the track, Yiannas punk like voice is angry in its rebel ways yet also quite devilish in a way she presents her words, it’s almost how you would expect an older Hayley Williams to be like if she and Paramore didn’t go down the pop route, and stayed true to their pop punk rock roots. ‘Kingdom’ is an enjoyable track, it brings an energy with it that makes every girl and boy jump up on the sofa and headbang but there is a story behind it too as Yianna once again explains. “The song is about feeling trapped and people around trying to hold you back from your potential or your success. As much as people try to cut you down because they don't want to see your success or are jealous, you raise above it and keep pushing to succeed and go further”, such a strong message and an important one.

When listening to Artemis, they simply just want to inspire and relate, all their music comes from experiences or things they are passionate about. Really isn’t that what music is all about ? This is why we love it as it lets us express and interpret how we want to interpret it. Looking to the future it’s an obvious one for Artemis. They can’t wait to start gigging and doing shows once again. With this comes the excitement of going over to Copenhagen and playing at Vesterbrock Festival. Check out ‘Kingdom’ below and rock on friends.

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