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Social Media is an absolute powerhouse. Who would've thought that back in 2005 and 20010 YouTube and Instagram would be the focal point of the world and celebrity status? It still baffles me how you can generate a huge income by doing silly things on the internet, let alone being able to make money from it. Youtube has created stars like Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes and Alessia Cara.

But there is a new craze that has taken 2020 by storm this happens to be TikTok. TikTok has always had a musical influence, but this is just people dancing for 30 seconds in a video. Lil Nas Got a number one hit with ‘Old Town Road’ because of TikTok but when you are a new artist and you are racking up 4 million streams that is something quite special who is this artist? Say hello to Macedonia’s own star, Andrea. Her track ‘I know’ was put on the platform as an experiment and never in her wildest dreams would she accumulate such numbers, this was a very proud moment for her.

Andrea’s earliest memories in music came from hearing Mariah Carey's huge ballad ‘We Belong Together'. This got her into singing as she explains “ It’s not just this song it’s all music that means something. I tend to turn to music that speaks to me the most” she sums this up by quoting the legend that is Whoopi Goldberg “music is joy”. You can’t argue that there have been a number of times people have asked me why I love a certain song and I say “it just brings joy”. Being in a world when we shed the spotlight on strong powerful women Andrea has always been seen influence by many women in music such as R&B legend Lauryn Hill, Paramore and vocally Jessie J. It’s the storytelling that comes with their songs that grips Andrea as she explains “ It's the power of their lyrics that inspire me the most, I always think of Jessie J’s song ‘Mama Knows Best’ and how that spoke to me”. With this in mind, Andrea gives us her new single ‘Talk To Me’.

This upbeat pop jam has a real party vibe to it, it comes with a catchy chorus that is addictive and will get your head bopping. The electronic synths give it a fun loving vibe that just puts a smile on your face. Andrea describes this as “a track that everyone can enjoy” “ Covid has put a downer on a lot of things this year, this track should make you forget about that and get you dancing”. The track has a persona of being at the beginning and having no sight of the end, its journey into Andreas musical world. When asked about the base and backstory of the track Andrea had this to say “It came to the point when I was sick of writing about sad and romantic songs, you have to enjoy life, its that urge to see your friends, to connect with people even though you are technically not allowed to” and it’s that upbeat thrill that ‘Talk To Me’ has, it makes you forget about everything all you want to do is dance like an idiot.

The world is at Andrea’s feet that keeps rising. She is working hard on new tracks and a potential 12 track album could be out in September. Be sure to check out ‘Talk to me' below and let it bring joy into your life.

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