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Amyl and The Sniffs

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Ok, here we go are you ready? Because you better be. What we have here can only be summed up in two words and one letter for obvious reasons Punk As F introducing Amyl and The Sniffs even the name sounds punk as hell.

The band is a real throwback to 70s punk era you know times when The Sex Pistols, The Clash, and The Buzzcocks were tearing up Britain well imagine throwing all of them into a blender what comes out? A band that is led by a hardcore female who would punch you in the face just for smiling at her this writer has only seen pictures and watch videos and even I’m scared of her.

The Australian based band formed in 2016 are really making a name for themselves with their raw guitar riffs and catchy songs. Being lead by the angry shouty vocals of frontwoman Amy Taylor you get the sense that this band is just having fun and don’t give an F what anyone thinks, and this is what makes them so appealing. I would describe them as 2 minutes of madness followed by a headache and a sense of rebellion. Their music and Amy’s voice is the voice of the voiceless and what I mean by voiceless is young people you know the people that no one listens to and with how political and messed up the world is at the moment in my mind this is the sort of band the industry needs right now. They are a band that is making us forget about everything that is going on and just have fun not give a care in the world I mean you can tell they have been heavily influenced by The Damed and Iggy Pop.

Their debut album got released back in 2019 and is self-titled and sure does pack a punch with pretty much every track being short and fast-paced it’s no nonsense Punk Rock that pumps through your veins and gets your body bouncing. Picking out what songs I would recommend from the album to really get a feel to the band you gotta listen to “Monson Rock” and “Gacked on Anger” you can thank me later but both tracks are good examples of the bands sound and culture.

So let’s ask ourselves this is proper punk rock back? Maybe not but this is a dam good start so grab a beer, badge your denim jacket, and mohawk your hair check this band out and give their album a listen it will be so refreshing for your ears and don’t be afraid to jump a bit.

The self-titled album is available on all music streaming services.

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