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Altered by Mom

How do you make new friends? Is it through sport? At school? Is it through your favorite sports team? Or even based on the music you like? These are all variable reasons for making new friends and they all work in their ways but for Gina (Bass, Keys player and songwriter) and Devon ( Guitarist and Siger), this friendship blossomed through the fact one enjoyed the music being played by the other.

Having met in Toronto 6 years ago the Canadian duo clicked instantly and after writing songs together this was a friendship that eventually turned into a marriage. Devon goes on to tell me “ after leaving my first band I decided that going solo was not my thing and missed the spark and fun you get from a group so I showed my songs to Gina and Altered by Mom was formed”. Altered by Mom (ABM) it’s a funny name, isn’t it? It’s the sort of name that gets you thinking and It’s kind of a funny story because as Devon was thinking of names for the band he would ask his own mother about what she thought Devon would go on and say “ she kept on putting a certain twist to names id present her and Altered by Mum just seemed right” talk about your seal of approval that’s a message to future bands if you can’t come up with a name just get your mum to approve it your gold.

The thing with ABM is the comparison to Blur I get from them, yes ok maybe not in the whole Britpop manor but with the tongue and cheek of their persona, they do it with a clear sense of humor and a sense of not taking themselves too seriously and I feel this is the best way to be creative with fun and silliness, there are no walls or coverups when listening to ABM their personalities shine through their music. With the empowerment of Shania Twain, Annie Lennox, and Alanis Morissette Gina’s songwriting is inspired by the power of these women and how they made sure that they not just PART of the band they ARE the band and that’s important. This is the sort of band that is taking risks in their music and the way the tracks are written focusing on embracing differences and staying true to yourself as you grow up as an artist this is shown by the blending enthusiastic guitar melodies with powerful harmonies in tracks like “Get Right” and “Hey Ashley”.

What you will get when listening to ABM is pure joy, you get the infections personalities and fun that radiates of Gina and Devon, and you will get music that will make you feel happy and tap your feet until the cows come home. Be sure to find AMB on Spotify or anywhere you get your music from.

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