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Allan Rayman: Bye Bye Blondie

I can promise you that Allan Rayman’s latest single Bye Bye Blondie is completely different to anything you’ve ever heard. His raspy, cold voice is complemented by haunting harmonies and bass infused melodies, creating an atmospheric and indulging song for us. Accompanied by an abstract, chilling music video, Bye Bye Blondie has the potential to shape Allan Rayman's image on its own. A real statement release, a self-assured song packed with power and interpretation.

As the anticipation for his upcoming album ‘ROADHOUSE 2’ grows, Allan Rayman teases us with a second single off the record that has blown us away. The Toronto based artist must be used to this reaction by now after releasing project after project of fresh, innovative tracks, seeing him sell out tours in Europe, USA and Canada. Bye Bye Blondie does not fail to keep up to this already very high standard, narrating the closing of a chapter for Allan. He describes the song as a representation of saying ‘goodbye to an old version of myself’, opening up a world of interest for his fans.

I personally love the artful side of this new release, especially looking at the music video. It is full of metaphors, excellent camera work and top level visual effects. The kind of piece you need to watch more than once to see everything and appreciate properly. A real piece of art, very far from just some visuals to represent a song, this video takes the metaphoric element of the track so much further, enhancing Rayman's vision. ROADHOUSE 2’s tour is quickly approaching, which makes me think this song would definitely be one you need to see live. I can’t even imagine the atmosphere it would create in the crowd, a real experience. The voice, the melodies, the meanings, incredible. Some songs seem to be made to perform, and Bye Bye Blondie is one of them.

Give this track a spin and enjoy.

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