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Soulful, heartfelt and poetic. The intricate guitar and the natural voice of AFBOB leaves me in my thoughts and feelings after every song. The couple have been mixing their musical talents for a few years now, releasing a lot of demo’s and tasters of what’s to come, keeping fans like me on my toes. With their eyes set on a 2022 EP, the future is looking bright for the Cardiff based duo.

Their song ‘All I Had To Give’ is a beautiful example of the band's style. Smooth, flowing guitar with beautiful vocals and lyrical work over it makes for such an easy listen. While currently having a couple of demo versions available for us to listen to up on their Soundcloud, they aim to release a full and complete version in springtime which I can’t wait for. It really shows off their acoustic nature, using hand drumming and technical guitar work to compose a simple song, packed with layers and substance. Something I really love and respect about AFBOB is that their lyrics come from a real place of openness and vulnerability. Each song has such an in depth back story and comes from the heart and a perfect example of this is All I Had To Give, being exposed to real, raw emotion and honesty from start to finish. Caitlin’s poetic writing style adds another level to each song, slowly feeding us a narrative to follow throughout each tune. I feel like this style goes beyond the lyrical work with Gareth’s guitar matching the heartfelt style that they use so consistently. It complements the vocal style so well and creates such a warm, honest sound.

I actually had the pleasure of working with Caitlin and Gavin while I was at university. I directed two music videos for the band, looking into what each song meant and how to portray their message through film. They were both a pleasure to work with, constantly reminding me of their talent while we spent some long days together under studio lights. As a guitarist myself, seeing Gareth work his magic just blew me away, a complete natural on the strings and he proves it in every song.

AFBOB have a kind of Passenger, Billie Marten feel to their music, with a hint of The Paper Kites in there with the technical guitar riffs. They work so well together as a band and that really comes across when you listen to them, creating very modern day music but with a classic soul style, harmonising guitar with vocals in the most beautiful of ways. A big part of my childhood was spent listening to music like theirs, so as you can imagine I cannot wait to hear AFBOB’s new EP in the comings months.

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