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Calling herself the definition of a millennial artist, Zuzu is one of the latest musicians to be breaking out here in the UK. Originally from Liverpool, her resume is gleaming with singer-songwriting, producing, and even illustration credits. Unapologetic and truly authentic, her debut album Queensway Tunnel has catapulted Zuzu into hype which she is so deserving of.

Though she has started to spread her wings around the country, Zuzu is a Liverpool girl at heart and her Merseyside roots shine through Queensway Tunnel. In the past, she has faced criticisms for her tone and accent coming through into her music but as she shows in this release, she is not going to apologise for being her true self. When talking about her inspirations, Zuzu reflects on so many of the creative geniuses which have come from her hometown and talks about how she would love to embody that same fierce ‘this is who I am’ attitude that has long been imbued with the city.

Almost confessional, her songwriting explores the ups and downs of her twenties; exploring self-discovery and acceptance, the album is deeply intimate and personal. Everything that she is talking about though is universal and as such her lyrics can connect with anyone listening. ‘My Old Life’ is a particularly emotional and resonant track throughout the album she is talking about the difficulties she has faced over the last 18 months and there is a real vulnerability about this song. Make no mistake, while there are a number of sad songs on this album there are some absolute bangers too which showcase Zuzu’s versatility as an artist. Her storytelling in the higher paced numbers is by no means lessened and even with a song that wouldn’t stand out in a nightclub she still explores themes that are poignant, dark and emotional.

Below is the track titled 'Lie to Myself' this is a great pop like track that will really get your toe tapping and a simple introduction on what ZuZu is about.

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