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With the Coronavirus showing signs of not slowing down I feel we all need a little pick me up and some good vibes flowing, lets spread the positivity of new music and forget about the fact we are lock inside yet again. This was the plan for this Italian duo WAMI and their track ‘Life is Good’.

Having met for the first time on stage starring as DJs in Lorenzo’s hometown of Mantova, Lorenzo and Federico collaborated together but still producing independently. The two DJs then split and went their separate ways before Federico brought his old partner back thus came the creation of WAMI. With superstar DJs like Madeon, Porter Robinson, the legend that is Deadmau5 and the late great Avicii being their biggest influences, WAMI has used the sounds of the 2010 EDM scene to come up with a light and soft cool track titled ‘Life is Good’ which features the very talented Julia Shuren.

Julias voice is so soulful and powerful, it warms you to the core like a blanket of positivity. When asked about the track the boys weren’t hesitant to put the praise on the talented singer as they tell me “75% of this amazing track comes from Julia. She’s amazing! Probably the most talented artist we’ve ever worked with. Everything started by Julia. She made this rough idea (just piano and voice, with a super minimal drum machine to keep the tempo) and sent it to us. We immediately fell in love with it! Brilliant lyrics, wonderful vocal line and cool chords” I couldn’t agree more. The stat of the track solidifies this as it starts with Julia singing over frosty piano keys that set up the introduction of soft beats, and sweet harmonising, labelling it as a pop track that is very different to what we hear on the radio nowadays.

WAMI do a great job in tweaking it and the production is first class. The thing with this track that it lifts people up, this is a very difficult time that the entire world is going through and Julia says it best in a nutshell “sometimes we need a reminder that it’s going to be alright ... we just need to start spreading good vibrations with simple gestures”. This is so true, life may not be right at the moment but we will get through it together, as long as everyone stays positive, we can come together and win. WAMI and Julia just want to help lift the spirits and keep growing as producers and keep bringing out new music together.

Check out ‘Life is Good’ on Spotify on the link below and spread the love and your positive energy with the world.

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