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Covid-19 has lets face it destroyed 2020. I remember at the start of the year I said to myself “this is going to be the year that Ben really shows who he really is and find what he really wants”. In a way, this has happened thanks to Music in Isolation. What I’m trying to say here is that Covid-19 has given people a chance to do things they maybe haven’t been able to do and found that thing through sheer boredom or procrastination. Anyway, this pandemic has given me a lot of time to lie down and find new music on the internet and this is how I found Exit.

Exit are a three member band from the Northeast of America, consisting of Andrew (Vocals and Guitar) TJ (Bass) and Will (Drums/ Piano). They all met in around the Connecticut music scene while growing up playing in each other bands. TJ’s high school band had self-produced an EP that became locally popular in the early 2000s, and that lead to Will & TJ touring together, then once TJ’s band stopped they thought it was the perfect time to start a new project and there we have it presto Exit was formed.

The band has a sound that can be described as Pop/Punk or Emo, in a nutshell, they really describe it as Alternative. This comes from a background of being fans of the likes of Less Than Jake & The Matches, Ice Nine Kills and The Beatles also embracing the sounds of early 2000s radio rock and the punk era. You get the sense of that in “You’re on your way kid”. This a track that explodes with solid melodies and poppy guitars, the lyrics pack a punch that is very hard not to sing along too.

What I like about it is that it makes you want more and dose this with the expert transitions and well flowed vocals which compliment a chorus that will get stuck in your head until eternity. The best way to describe the song and I guess this band too is You know when you’re walking down the street with your headphones in, and whatever you’re listening to makes you feel like you could fly? Like you should start running for no apparent reason? That is what this band is and it’s magical.

They want people to fall in love with the song, to fall in love with them as a band and the music they play it’s really about so the listener can set up a visual in their mind. This is a great thing because it gives the listener a chance to put themselves in with the band and see things from their perspective almost like virtual reality but through sounds and beats. Exit are flying at the moment and have been selected on many Spotify playlist most notably their “punks not dead playlist” and that is pretty special. So enjoy the band, take a listen to “You’re on your way kid” and follow the links below.

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